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Since the coating industry since 2007, it has maintained a strategy of high-end products, and strive to produce each product is a boutique in the boutique.

We are a young, vibrant and dynamic, elite team, over the years, immediately following the continuous development of social, environmental, customer change to the coating technology, from the type of material, adhesive materials, optical materials, led for the high-end provide customers with the highest quality products and efficient service, we have been committed to providing customers the best product solutions, as well as to meet the different needs of customers through constant technological innovation.

Currently, the products are mainly used in precision optical die-cutting, the OCA, MLCC, optical protective film, tape, and other industries. All product process is completed in 10,000 clean room, own design multifunction coating machine 2 sets, full compatible with single roll and multi-roll coating in coating technology, temperature curing and UV curing fully compatible, which can produce solvent-based and solvent-free products, and plans to be completed in the next two years for the construction of about 10 million yuan investment in clean production workshop of 1000, to meet the requirements of high-end customers products of high cleanliness.

Professional R & D and production technology and strict quality control to ensure that our customers world-class products and successful services to many high-tech fields, and cooperation of customers we serve customers on a technical level and scale of operation belong to the best in the industry. To meet the different needs of customers, we will continue to serve the purpose, and through constant technological innovation to provide customers with more quality products and efficient service